Warlord Chess App Reviews

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Awesome game

GreAt game lots of fun. Works well.

Puts a wild spin on chess!

This is a VERY cool and fun chess variant -- and this from someone who isn't really into "other ways" to play chess! Between the secret passages in the castle, the various special moves available to pieces in the castle and the chaos spaces, and the fascinating diagonal four-player board, there's plenty to like in Warlord Chess. I enjoyed it as an adult, and my 8-year old loved it as well. He particularly liked that he could play it by himself against one or more AI players, and that he could adjust the strength of the AI players depending on whether he wanted to challenge himself or just see what fun he could have against a weak opponent. Wholeheartedly recommended!! Tips: * Read the How To Play info!! You can start playing right away if you know how to play regular chess, but a trip through the "how to play" section uncovers the depth of the game. * Don't let the "help tips" overwhelm you when you first run the app. There's a lot going on in the first screen, from setting up a game to playing online. The app displays "help tips" along with all of the buttons, but you can turn the tips off. I found the tips a overwhelming at first glance, particularly on the iPhone (not so bad on the iPad). Once I figured out they were just giving me basic hints on the interface, I turned them off and started playing. * Turn the board while playing to see better. Drag your finger around the screen to turn the board in 3D to clearly see what's happening in play. (Plus it's gorgeous to look at and fun to spin around!)

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